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EUNIC European Book Club with Polish author Rafał Wojasiński

Polish author Rafał Wojasiński discussed his latest book Olanda with RTÉ journalist Zbyszek Zaliński. This event was organised by The Embassy of Poland in partnership with Literature Ireland as part of the EUNIC European Book Club series run by EUNIC Ireland. 

Awarded the prestigious Marek Nowakowski Prize for 2019, Olanda introduces us to a world we glimpse only through the window of our train, as we hurry from one important city to another: a provincial world of dilapidated farmhouses and sagging apartment blocks, overgrown cemeteries and village drunks; a world seemingly abandoned by God — and yet full of the basic human joy of life itself. The English translation of Olanda by Charles S. Kraszewski brings one of Poland’s great contemporary writers of fiction to the wider world for the first time. 

Posted to on 17 Apr 2024.