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Summer Lecture Series

As part of our Translation Workshops taking place online this week, we are pleased to present three complimentary lectures by translation, publishing and language experts. We have opened these lectures up to the public, and hope to see you there. Each lecture will last one hour as an online talk via Zoom. To join us, please sign up via the links below for your free ticket.

Manchán Magan

Tuesday 20 June, 5:30 p.m. Irish time

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Manchán Magan, author of Thirty-Two Words for Field, on how the Irish language influences the English we speak in Ireland.

Manchán Magan is a writer and documentary-maker.  is author of the award-winning, best-selling Thirty-Two Words For Field, and Tree Dogs, Banshees Fingers and other Irish Words for Nature. His latest book, Listen to the Land Speak, was published in October 2022. He has written books on his travels in Africa, India and South America and two novels. He writes occasionally for The Irish Times on culture and travel, and presents the RTÉ podcast The Almanac of Ireland.


Bridget Farrell & Claudia Glenewinkel

Wednesday 21 June, 5:30 p.m. Irish time

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Bridget Farrell and Claudia Glenewinkel will speak on publishing translations and how to pitch a translation project to a publisher. Bridget Farrell of Bullaun Press will give her perspective as a publisher of translations into English, and Claudia Glenewinkel will share her perspective from Steidl Verlag, who have published many acclaimed translations into German.

Bridget Farrell is the founder of Bullaun Press. A recent arrival on the Irish publishing scene, Bullaun Press has chosen literature in translation as its sole focus. It is the first press in Ireland to be dedicated to the artform of translation.

Claudia Glenewinkel is an editor at Steidl (and Head of Press and Public Affairs), and is responsible for all literature translated from the English-speaking world. Steidl is an independent German publisher known for its high-quality in-house printing, outstanding literature program and an international art and photography programme.


Clara Ministral

Thursday 22 June, 5:30 p.m. Irish time

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Clara Ministral on how to pitch good translation proposals to publishers and her practice as a translator.

Clara Ministral studied Translation and Comparative Literature and has been translating fiction and non-fiction from English to Spanish for over a decade. She has translated over twenty books, including works by Rebecca Solnit, Jan Carson, Colin Bateman, Sherman Alexie, John Haines and Rebecca Miller. Since 2018, she has been running a mentoring scheme for emerging translators in Spain in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Literary Translators.


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