Words Ireland: Nationwide public meetings for professional creative writers

Words Ireland is hosting a series of nationwide public meetings for professional and practising writers to hear how writers sustain their careers. We want to begin a national debate on the future of literature resourcing and funding in Ireland.


Leitrim, 22 October

Galway, 5 November

Kilkenny, 19 November

Belfast, 3 December

Wicklow, Cork, Limerick 2017: TBC


Which opportunities make creative and financial sense? Which types of writing work open doors to further opportunities? Which supports are you lacking and which are a waste of time? We’ll find out from a panel of experienced professional writers from across the genres who will also address issues relating to income, royalties, writers fees, and more.

After the panel discussion, we’ll be giving you – the writers in the audience – the opportunity to have your voices heard. Come prepared with practical improvements and new ideas for the literature sector in an event which will undoubtedly generate lively discussion and debate among the writers, poets and children’s authors present.

Words Ireland is a grouping of seven national literature resources organisations who work collaboratively to provide co-ordinated professional development and resources services to the literature sector. 

Format: Panel discussion (50 mins), break (10 mins), followed by a public meeting open to writers in the audience (up to 50 mins)

This event is for writers that earn or aspire to earn some or all of their income from writing.

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