Thank you, Huiyi Bao, 2014 Translator in Residence!

As we are about to announce the appointment of our 2015 translator in residence, we thought it might be appropriate to say goodbye and thank you to our wonderful 2014 Chinese translator-in-residence, Huiyi Bao.

Huiyi Bao (包慧怡) was born in Shanghai in 1985. She graduated from Fudan University with a BA and MA in English and is currently a PhD candidate in Medieval Literature at the School of English, Drama & Film, University College Dublin, as well as the 2014 Translator in Residence with Literature Ireland and Trinity College Dublin.

We cannot wait to see her translations of Colum McCann's Everything in This Country Must and, of course, her anthology of W.B. Yeats’ poetry, not to mention the forthcoming publication of her own book on Ireland. Congratulations Huiyi – it has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all your work in bringing Irish literature to Chinese readers.

Huiyi Bao is the author of one book of poetry, A Pagan's Book of Hours (Beijing, 2012), and the translator of nine books from English to Chinese, including Ariel (Sylvia Plath), The Crack-Up (F. Scott Fitzgerald) and Good Bones (Margaret Atwood). Her new book on Irish culture and literature, Annála an Oileáin Iathghlais, will come out in January in China with Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore.




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