On Translating the Insurrection – Matías Battistón's Experience of Translating James Stephens

In January 2016, the Argentinean translator and academic Matías Battistón took up his position as Trinity College Dublin Translator-in-Residence, a position jointly awarded by Literature Ireland and the Trinity Centre for Literary Translation Matías would use the four-month residency to work on his translations of Samuel Beckett's novels. 

Seredentipitiously, just before he departed for Dublin, Matías's editor asked him to translate a little-known work by James Stephens called The Insurrection in Dublin. As it turned out, Matías would complete this translation in Dublin ... exactly 100 years after the Easter Rising and the events detailed by Stephens in his diary of Easter week 1916. 

In this article, Matías discusses how the stars aligned to have him in Dublin for the centenary commemorations, how being on location has informed and enriched his translation, and how, for him, Stephens's work is so much more than a diary – it's somehow also a novel, a tragi-comic work of journalistic art, a minor classic. 


Click here to read Matías's thoughts, impressions and musings! 


The Argentinean edition of James Stephens's The Insurrection in Dublin will be published later this year by Ediciones Godot with the support of Literature Ireland and funded by Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme

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