Denyse Woods

Denyse Woods grew up in Boston in the United States. The daughter of a diplomat, she has travelled extensively, living in the US, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Iraq and England. She holds a degree in Arabic and English and has worked as a translator for PARC Management Services in Iraq. Woods returned to settle in Ireland in 1987 and in 1998 won the Irish Times Short Story Competition. She now lives in Co. Cork with her husband and two daughters. Her novels include Overnight to Innsbruck (2002) and Like Nowhere Else (2005).

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Overnight to Innsbruck

Sitric, 2002

On an overnight train to Innsbruck, ex-lovers Richard and Frances meet by chance many years after their mysterious separation on a train journey through the blistering heat and vast empty expanses of the Sudanese desert. As they each tell their separate stories of fear, confusion and loss, they try to unravel the truth of what happened - and confront the bitter possibility that one of them may be lying.

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