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© Albin Michel, 2014

© Albin Michel, 2014

Red Sky in Morning

Paul Lynch

Red Sky in Morning opens in spring 1832 in County Donegal. Coll Coyle wakes to a blood dawn and a day he does not want to face, having learned the previous day that he and his family threaten to be evicted. Reluctantly, he sets out to confront his trouble, but ends up killing his landlord in his rage. And so begins his flight, first across the wild bog lands of Donegal, then across the Atlantic and on to the new American frontier, where Coll finds work in the choleric work camps of the Pennsylvania railroad. Hot on his trail is John Faller, his landlord's foreman who has vowed to hunt Coll to the ends of the earth.

Based in part on historical events, Red Sky in Morning is a tense exploration of life and death in which language and landscape combine powerfully.

Quercus 2013

Translated into: French, Italian

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