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Translation Grant Programme

Literature Ireland's translation grant programme allows international publishers to apply for a contribution towards the cost of the translator of a work of Irish literature* from English or Irish into another language.

Next Translation Grant Application Deadline: 
The application deadlines for 2022 have not yet been set but should be available by mid-December. 



 Postal applications for translation grants are no longer being accepted. See below for information on how to apply online. 



Applicants must now use Literature Ireland's online system in order to apply for a translation grant. Applications will be accepted only in the two weeks prior to a deadline (for the next round, the date from which applicants may apply is Friday, 29 October). Applications submitted outside the specified period without prior authorisation will not be accepted. 

Guidelines on using the system and links to the system can be found in the 'Apply Online' section below. Should you have any questions or require any technical support, please contact 

Translation Grant Application Checklist

The checklist document provides a list of all information and documentation required (page 1) and some further information on the grant application process (page 2). 

Download the checklist here

Further Information

  • All applicants must submit a sample of the translation to Literature Ireland, which is then assessed by an independent expert. The expert will prepare a report that is made available, with the original application details, to Literature Ireland's board of directors for consideration. It is recommended that publishers submit a final or near-final draft of the translation sample for consideration.
  • Applications are judged on a competitive basis.
  • All applicants can expect to learn the outcome of their applications by email within 10 days of the board meeting.
  • Successful applicants will be sent a formal letter of award and contracts will be posted within six weeks of the board meeting.
  • Publishers awarded a grant must submit the following items to Literature Ireland in order to receive payment of the translation grant:
  • A draft of the copyright page/colophon of the book containing written acknowledgment of Literature Ireland's financial support and a copy of the Literature Ireland logo. This draft page must be submitted to Literature Ireland for approval before the book goes to print.
  • Proof of payment to the translator(s), e.g. a copy of the electronic transfer confirmation.
  • Eight copies of the published work.
  • Literature Ireland will normally only award a maximum of three translation grants per annum to a given publisher. Publishers may only apply for grants for five works by the same author in the same genre.

Once all required information and documentation has been received, the translation grant is payable within a period of three to six months.

Should you have any questions in relation to the application process, please email Rita McCann ( or Lynsey Reed ( or phone us on 00353 (0)1 896 4184.

*Eligible genres: literary fiction, literary non-fiction, children's literature, poetry and drama.

** Translations for which funding is being sought must not be published before the deadline for application or before the meeting of the board of Literature Ireland at which applications will be considered. These meetings typically take place six to eight weeks after the deadline. 

*** Please note that the board meetings at which applications submitted by these deadlines will take place in May, September and December respectively. Applications submitted to these rounds for works which will be published before the meeting of the board will be deemed ineligible.  

Apply Online

Our new online application system is now live.  

Before you begin, please read the guidelines below to assist you in creating an account and in submitting an application. Further guidelines for successful applicants will be added here over time. The links for signing up and logging in are at the bottom of this page. 

Creating an Account - User Guide

Submitting an Application - User Guide

Submitted Applications: Next Steps - User Guide


Applicants are reminded that applications will only be accepted in the two-week period prior to the stated deadline. Any out of round applications will be accepted online with prior authorisation from Literature Ireland's director. 


1. The system will be accessible from Monday to Friday only, as maintenance and updates will be scheduled for weekends. 

2. Once you have submitted an application, use the 'Return to Previous Page' button to return to the main portal for the system. Please then navigate to Open Applications and select your recent application to ensure that all of the information and documents you entered have been correctly uploaded. If anything is not displaying, or if anything is displaying incorrectly, please contact 



If you have never previously registered for the online grant application system, please click here and then select 'Sign Up Here' . 
Registered users should use this link to sign in to the system.