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The Supernaturalist

The Supernaturalist

Eoin Colfer

14-year-old Cosmo Hill longs to escape from the Clarissa Fayne Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys. When a rare chance to get away comes, he grabs it, but the attempt goes fatally wrong. He can feel his life force ebbing away, sucked out of him by a strange blue parasite. At the last minute, he is saved by a wisecracking gang of kids, the Supernaturalists, dedicated to ridding the world of these life-sucking parasites. When they realise that Cosmo has the ability to see these blue creatures, too, they enlist him as one of them. Their mission leads Cosmo into a world of high-level corruption, James Bond type technology, thrilling adventure and finally back to a place that Cosmo never thought he'd have to return to...

Puffin 2004

Translated into:

Portuguese, Polish, Serbian, Portuguese – Brazilian

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