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© Biblion Edizioni, 2020

Field Work

Seamus Heaney

Field Work, which first appeared in 1979, is a superb collection of lyrics and narrative poems from one of the literary masters of our time.

As the critic Dennis Donoghue wrote in The New York Times Book Review: "In 1938, not a moment too soon, W.B. Yeats admonished his colleagues: 'Irish poets, learn your trade.' Seamus Heaney, born the following year, has learned his trade so well that it is now a second nature wonderfully responsive to his first. And the proof is in Field Work, a superb book . . . [This is] a perennial poetry offered at a time when many of us have despaired of seeing such a thing."

Seamus Heaney received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995. His recent translations include Beowulf and Diary of One Who Vanished; his recent poetry collections include Opened Ground and Electric Light.

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