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Benny and Babe
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Benny and Babe

Eoin Colfer

In this sequel to Benny and Omar, Benny is visiting his grandfather in the country for the summer holidays and finds his position as a 'townie' makes him the object of much teasing by the natives.  The sports-mad, carefree lad whose adventures in Tunisia have convinced him that he can take on the world, suffers a severe blow to his pride when he meets Babe.

Babe is the village tomboy, given serious respect by all the local tough guys. She runs a thriving business, rescuing the lost lures and flies of visiting fishermen and selling them at a tidy profit. Babe just might consider Benny as her business partner. But things become very complicated, and dangerous, when Furty Howlin also wants a slice of the action. And that's not the only problem for Benny who discovers a transformed Babe at the disco.

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