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© Carysfort Press, 2008

© Carysfort Press, 2008

Silenced Voices: Hungarian Plays from Transylvania


Traditionally ignored in English studies of both the Hungarian and Romanian theatre in the twentieth century, the five plays in this anthology highlight the work of Hungarian playwrights living in Romania and writing in Hungarian. They are a testimony to the artistic as well as everyday challenges of life in a dictatorship which oppressed minorities. The plays included here are: Advent in the Hargita Mountains by András Sütő, The Heretic or A Plague of Slugs by Csaba Lászlóffy, The Avenger, the Gatekeeper, or It Is Requested that You Wipe Your Feet by Géza Páskándi, Caligula’s Governor by János Székely and A Christmas Play or Uncle Louie and the Little Ones by Géza Szőcs.

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