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© VBZ, 2004

© VBZ, 2004


Bernard MacLaverty

On a promontory jutting out into the Atlantic stands the Home run by Brother Benedict where boys are taught a little of God and a lot of fear. To Michael Lamb, one of the youngest brothers, the regime is without hope and when he inherits a small legacy he defies his elders and runs away, taking with him a twelve-year-old boy, Owen Kane. Radio Eireann call it a kidnapping. For Michael, the act is the beginning of Owen's salvation. Posing as father and son, they concentrate on discovering the happiness that is so unfamiliar to them both. But as the outside world closes in around them - as time, money and opportunity run out - Michael finds himself moving towards a solution that is as uncompromising as it is inspired by love.

Jonathan Cape 1980

Translated into: Croatian

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