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Irish Folklore

Bríd Mahon

Irish folklore, the lore of the people, is a rich and complex subject. In a succinct style, Bríd Mahon gives an account of the roots of what comes down to Irish people as tradition, and what they in turn pass on to their children. With the advent of mass communication and easy transport in the later decades of the 20th century, much of what we call folklore began to die away, and is preserved only in the archives of the great folklore collections in University College Dublin. Brid Mahon draws on that treasure trove in her account of the ancient sagas, of the great traditions of storytelling, of the attitudes of the Irish to the spirit world, in the form of fairies, leprechauns and banshees, and of the customs relating to hospitality and generosity.

Mercier Press 2000

Translated into: Polish

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