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Mia Gallagher

'The juxtapositions between writing and image work by analogies, sometimes obvious, other times barely perceptible, in an intense dialogue that plays on the contrast between the density of the text and the essentiality of the tableaux. The real common denominator of this process is the city of Dublin, always present even if in the background, with its atmosphere, its colours and above all its sea. But what remains after immersing oneself in the creative universes of these two artists, and their original approach to being together and talking to each other, is the overall emotion of the lives of others, which we always look at from afar, but which in the end, tell us about ourselves.' - From Melania Gazzotti’s Afterword

Dubliners is centred upon the work of an artist and a writer who celebrate the city where they live, love and walk every day. The gaze is not so much lingering on the places, but the people within them. The attraction lies with the stories behind the multitude of faces, ordinary yet unique, deserving to be imagined and to be told.

Artwork by Mario Sughi

Marinoni Books 2022

Translated into: Italian & English

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