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Between Dog and Wolf
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Between Dog and Wolf

Elske Rahill

Between Dog and Wolf is darkly moving, often shocking, this interwoven story follows three college students, desperately searching for a place between the familiar and the strange as they careen towards self- knowledge.

Cassandra, volatile and scarred by loss, has been sculpted by the bohemian high life and then discarded. Oisín, a country boy pulsing with sexual aggression, is prone to equal flights of rage and compassion.

And you, Helen. Helen, who takes these two fractured lives and dashes them against herself, creating ripples that twist and distort their images of what should be.

In this stunning debut novel from Elske Rahill, each character forces the boundaries of normality, negotiating the chasms of their own violent sexuality and decay.

The Lilliput Press 2013

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