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Marian Keyes

At 29, fun-loving, good-natured Claire has everything she ever wanted: a husband she adores, a great apartment, a good job. Then, on the day she gives birth to her first baby, James visits her in the recovery room to inform her that he's leaving her. Claire is left with a beautiful newborn daughter, a broken heart, and a body that she can hardly bear to look at in the mirror. In the absence of any better offers, Claire decides to go home to her quirky family in Dublin, where, sheltered by their love, she gets better. So much so that when James slithers back into her life, he's in for a bit of a surprise.

Poolbeg Press 1995

Translated into:

Swedish, Greek

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Jonathan Lloyd
Curtis Brown Group Ltd
Haymarket House
28 - 29 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4SP
United Kingdom