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Miss Milky Ray
@ Little Island, 2013

Miss Milky Ray

Leena Parkinnen

Milena is innocently brushing her teeth one day when she discovers that there is a cow – yes, a cow! – in the bath. Not only does Semi-Skimmed talk and take baths, but she is dead set on winning the Cow Belle Beauty Queen pageant. The competition is fierce, though, and Skimmy is … well, skinny (for a cow). Can Milena help her to see off the beastly Hefty Hoofington and her simpering sidekicks Snippy and Snooty?

Cow Belle Beauty Queen, published in English by Little Island with the support of ILE, is laugh-out funny, parodying today's obsessions with appearance and weight.

Kustannusosakeyhtiö Teos 2011

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