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Magyar Napló: Post-Ceasefire Literature of Northern Ireland
© Magyar Írószövetség, January 2005

Magyar Napló: Post-Ceasefire Literature of Northern Ireland


Magyar Napló is the monthly fiction periodical of the Hungarian Writers' Association, with Anna Jókai as the head of its editorial committee and poet János Oláh as its editor-in-chief. The purpose of the periodical is to tend to and uphold the folk traditions of Hungarian literature, and accordingly to publish valuable and lasting works of prose. Apart from prestigious and recognized writers, poets, literary translators and literary historians, it regularly publishes the works of young authors who have proven their talent, both from Hungary and Hungarians living abroad.

The January 2005 edition featured translated writings from Irish authors Seamus Heaney, Sinéad Morrissey, Medbh McGuckian, and Daragh Carville.

Magyar Írószövetség January 2005

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