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Kri in voda: antologija sodobnih irskih kratkih zgodb
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Kri in voda: antologija sodobnih irskih kratkih zgodb


Kri in voda (Blood and Water) is the first anthology of contemporary Irish short prose in Slovenian, with which thirteen Irish authors embark for the first time on a daring journey into the unknown. This journey in translation captures the exciting tension and the dynamics between those traits of modern Ireland that relate to its specific historical heritage and those that herald new beginnings. The intricate but always inspiring Irishness in the Blood and Water anthology is unmistakably imprinted in selected short stories that bring both tradition and experiment, male and female writing, the historical and political experience of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the countryside and urban environment as well as the experience of the Irish diaspora to life.

Featured writings are short stories by George Moore, Frank O'Connor, and James Joyce; novels by Roddy Doyle, Flann O’Brien and Patrick McCabe; poetry by Seamus Heaney; and drama by Brian Friel.

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