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Die schrecklichsten Mütter der Welt (The World's Worst Mothers)
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Die schrecklichsten Mütter der Welt (The World's Worst Mothers)

Sabine Ludwig

Literature Ireland has supported the translation into English of this thoughtful and entertaining book for children aged 10+ which explores the shortcomings of both real and ideal mothers.

Bruno, Emily and Sofia each have ample reasons for nominating their respective mothers in an online competition looking for "the world's worst mothers": Bruno is tired of having piano practice thrust upon him by his over-ambitious mother when he'd really much rather like to take up boxing. Emily has had enough of looking out for her chaotic mother after her father left the two of them for a younger lover. And Sofia feels her mother has been treating her unfairly, spoiling her younger son from her second marriage while constantly finding fault with her daughter. They win and find their mothers soon replaced with charming "Aunt Annas" who fulfil the children's every wish. But it does not take them long to notice that there is something unnatural about these stand-in mothers and so their adventure begins to rescue their real mothers from a small island where they are submitted to a course in improving their parental role.

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