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Chet Raymo is Professor Emeritus at Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts. He has published twelve books on science and nature and his weekly column, Science Musings, appeared in the Boston Globe for twenty years. Raymo was the recipient of the 1998 Lannan Literary Award for his non-fiction work. His most famous novel, The Dork of Cork (1993), was made into the film Frankie Starlight. Raymo's other recent works include In the Falcon's Claw (1995), Climbing Brandon: History and Faith on Ireland's Holy Mountain,(2004), Valentine (2005) and Walking Zero: Discovering Space and Time along the Prime Meridian (2006). Chet Raymo lives in Ireland.

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Valentine: A Love Story

BrandonMount Eagle Publications, 2005

The romance of the physician Valentine and blind Julia provides the central thread of this engrossing novel which brings to life the world of the Roman Empire at a time when Christians were amongst those whose deaths provided public entertainment in the Flavian Amphitheatre and the Circus Maximus. It is a novel with remarkable resonances, its ideas startlingly relevant to our own times: globalisation vs. fundamentalism, reason vs. superstition, civil law vs. personal freedom, the perverse gratifications of sex and violence, the subversion of virtue by wealth – and the power of passionate love to overcome all obstacles.

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